Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hand Spinning Wool: some samples


As described in Dog Wool Adventures I recently started exploring the world of fibers, and the related techniques for processing fibers creating threads and yarns.

My own dog wool was not enough to get a useful grasp of this world, so I decided to make an investment and buy some fiber from a professional supplier.

I wanted to have biological fibers, possibly free from any heavy chemical processing. After some scouting, I decided to make an order from a british supplier: World of Wool.

The supplier offers a vast choice among many natural wool fibers. I decided to source some wool in decent quantity (400g) to allow some complete project and some other wool in the form of samples, just to have the possibility to understand the features of the fibers.

Overall I bought about 3.5Kg of pure wool, and I spent about 120 euros.

The package took about 10 days to be dispatched (England to Italy).

And here are some pictures of the contents: each wool is individually packaged in a ziploc plastic bag, with a label indicating article number and product description, as well as order number.
Everything was well packaged and ordered.

These products are really amazing. It is simply great to touch the fibers, and it is impossible to translate that feeling into text. Each wool has a different texture, and each of them is really beautiful.
Being inexperienced, I need to build some feeling with these materials.

After unpacking the box, I decided to spin a small sample of each wool and to prepare a sampler. I came out with a carboard on which I was attaching each sample with adhesive tape.
I also put on the board other samples I made with additional fibers I had in my stash (and of course a sample of my dog hair :-).

I decided to start spinning first the white 56 english top, making a single. It is among the less expensive, and I think it is a really nice wool.

I will then decide to ply it with itself or with some other single.

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