Sunday, September 11, 2011

How I became an hollywood actor

This is a really unbelievable and amazing story.
So strange that almost seems impossible.

But it is true.

My mom Adriana died on sept 11, 2008.

About two months after her loss, I found a website: where many send old pictures of their parents.

I decided to send this picture, where mom holds me, as a very little child. Along with the picture I left my email address.

In april 2010, that picture was published. And I was very happy because I felt that my mom picture was available on the web, and maybe other people could see her. I did non even write she was dead. It was a sort of private joy for me knowing that "our" picture was online.

I did not even tell the story to anyone.

Months later, I received an email from a lawyer, Ashley Kravitz, working for CBS copyright cleaning.
CBS wanted to use my mom picture in a movie!

The movie is an action packed gangster story: Faster, starring Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton

And at 53 minute in the movie, there is my mom, and there is me.

So, this is how I became an hollywood actor in an action movie.

Life is wonderful.



for our moms

for our moms

moms are
made of a matter
that is hard and tender

moms are gifts
from past to future
seeds for your flowers

moms work
plan, dream
for a distant future

and give unselfishly
care and care
with the warmest endless trust

moms do not
need words
for understanding

moms do not ask
do not expect
never leave you alone

their core within
your future
your story

and they give
their greatest gift
when leaving


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