Saturday, August 29, 2015

building a chicken-house

How I built a new house for my chickens

In my garden I have two chickens. They are producing daily fresh eggs, eating vegetables and food remains.

I decided to build a new and larger house, because last week I introduced 3 new indian runner ducks in the family.

I designed the construction to be built from scratch wood parts that I had. I took some ideas from other pictures around the web (try image search for chicken coop).

Basic requirements:
The house not to be directly on the ground
The egg laying nests to be easily accessible
Robust and easy to clean

Here are some pictures of the building process.

I started building the basic frame, considering that the legs would have been planted in the ground

My friend Ilir was helping me

This is the back accessible structure for eggs collection

There are four internal nests

the ladder to get in

structure ready for paint. Legs already painted with bitumen.

Painting complete


The easily accessible nest shelf