Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wood cutting workbench for chainsaw

Wood cutting workbench for chainsaw use

April 2016

After getting the new wood burning stove I decided to buy an electric chainsaw to prepare the wood pieces.

I have an older traditional two-stroke gasoline powered chainsaw but I wanted something with less maintenance and not so moody when it is needed to operate in cold weather.

So I bought this Hitachi electric chainsaw for about 140 euros
It has 400mm bar, and comes equipped with an Oregon 91PX057X low kickback chain
Hitachi CS40SB

Since chainsaws are quite dangerous tools, in order to use it with reduced risks, I decided to design a special "table" to support the logs to be cut, minimizing the risk of unwanted movements, and making the wood cutting job as safe as possible even for a single operator.

I came out with this first sketch  (made on ipad with sketch-club app)

But this failed to convince me about sturdiness, particularly for the lateral side supports.

I then came up with this one

6 legs, robust rectangular frame, modular, easy to build, requiring simple wood cuts, and nails.
I was happy with this design.

So I built it, with wood I had lying around.
The 6 vertical legs are 10x10cm. the three horizontal supports are 10x4cm.

I added some reinforcements to make it more sturdy and robust.

Building it required just a couple of hours. I used 6cm and 10cm nails.
Overall width is about 80cm. It is not very heavy and can be easily moved.

I decided to make it asymmetrical, so to have places for shorter and longer logs.
the left side clearance is smaller and allows working with light logs.
The inside is easily accessible to collect cut pieces.

I used the workbench and it works perfectly.
The logs fit in the central grooves and are steady while being cut.
Safety also appears quite good.