Monday, March 3, 2003

Walking on Earth's Spine

Walking on Earth's Spine

We walked on Earth's Spine
and felt the bumps on every step,
discovered gold in the leopard's eye,
heard the bone cracking sound,
and saw the resting lions feeding their cubs after the kill.

Can you feel the blow
that's running on these plains
from the beginning of time?
Can you sense the underground flow
of Life poured into Life?

Stay still and be silent. Try to perceive the little laughter
of Good and Bad dancing together.
Everyone's changing but struggling to last,
and both: hunter and victim
give back their proteins in the end.

Bring home a grain of sand,
bring home a single leaf.
Make them hatch inside your heart.
Be the Music. Be the Dance,
and give back your words to the wind.

Marco Guardigli,

Ulusaba (Sir Richard Branson resort)
South Africa, march 3, 2003