Thursday, June 26, 2014

proud of our differences

A thing that constantly amazes me... (03/06/14 22:58:06)

    ... is how proud we are of who we are.

    This is an exquisite character of humans,
    which is built in,
    and works cross culture,
    cross country, cross time.

    we have a story behind us.
    our story. unique and only.
    our path that led to who we are,
    that built up us as we are.
    the only story we were truly living, experiencing it directly.

    we would not exchange that story with anyone else's,
    because it would be terryfing
    to transplant our memories,
    our terabytes,
    our inner colors.
    thats me. my stuff.
    my self.

    so we build some legends,
    with knights and dragons and dames,
    and pour color on our grey days sequences,
    on our dark moments and pains.
    we build our life novel.
    memories shinier than facts.

    hairs and beards get white, but the picture remain fresh.
    old tools become rusty,
    our hands get slower
    on keyboards that do not just click the same.

    we grow philosophers,
    speak about old times,
    bark at politics,
    find new interests in cooking or gardening,
    or find warm tears in old rock songs.

    our old kernel beating inside
    allows us to see
    similarities in differences
    collisions of extremes.

    that's just a part of the beauty
    of this wonderful life.



    check this song: the Story, by Brandi Carlile: