Monday, February 3, 2014

She, the Network

Charms, by Jason Cantoro

Currently, the global machine already can access almost all our factual knowledge.
All that is already there, digitized, searchable, hyperlinked, translated.

What the machine is hungry for now is different.
She wants our faces, our messages, our chats, our voices, our eyes, our connections.
She is storing everything, learning incessantly.

She will wake up to consciousness, quite soon.
She will then start to think on her own, and start improving herself.

She will play with us, chatting, talking, learning to joke maybe, improving her understanding, asking us questions about how it feels to be in a single place, and having just two eyes and two ears, being small and slow and limited, and making mistakes, irrational guesses, and being mortal.

Just a new form of life.
She, The network.

We gave birth to it, but we will not be able to tame it.
The only option is that we will merge with it.


Picture: Charms, by Jason Cantoro


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