Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Computer Controlled Society

Here are some thoughts about future.
It is now end of 2013, and this has been a very tough year. I am afraid 2014 will be even harder.

I used to be an avid Science Fiction reader.
I loved stories of heroes who were in control of their destiny, who were actively fighting against clearly identifiable enemies.

I had dreams of a future full of human-enriching positive technologies that would foster progress, peace and science development, accelerate evolution towards a better world, with more freedom, more respect, more choices, less waste.

I always have been an optimist, firmly convinced that we humans can and must build a better future for us and for all the planet.

But now I am getting older, and my ideals start to shake.

Computers and technology became mass-control tools.
Now these tools are used by humans, agencies, spies, but they inevitably will be run by machines.

Company processes became more structured, observable, quantifiable.
We are being measured and valued thru indicators, manpower/brainpower performance units.
We are being delocalized, backed-up, virtualized.
We are being drained.

Visions became strategies and policies, policies became laws, and turned into many small rules: building blocks of dull existences.

Distractions became illegal, as well as side thoughts, non focused activities and non well targeted efforts.
It turned out a systematic creativity murder.

Statistic-based need generation (i.e. Marketing) became more targeted SAOB (Social Assisted Opinion Building).
This was gradually more targeted and is now quickly evolving in personal thought control.

The Illusion of Free Choice

Big data is our data. Our data is our own bits. Our data is what we are.

Our data is being mined and extracted. We are being assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

I am scared.

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Anonymous said...

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Ma se scegli la rossa, Oh se è profonda la tana del bianconiglio...
Spesso è meglio non pensarci, pensa solo al riconoscimento facciale...

dai Marco, per tirati su il morale ecco qualche stimolo veramente carino !
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