Friday, July 10, 2015

New Lenovo Thinkpad: no more BREAK key

There is not the BREAK key in new Lenovo Thinkpads laptops.

There is not even the PAUSE key.
On older machines, BREAK key was obtained with CTRL-PAUSE

In Lenovo Thinkpad T540p, with italian keyboard, i can get PAUSE with FN-P and BREAK with CTRL-FN-P

Apparently, this is not consistent with other Lenovo Laptops, where you can get BREAK with FN-ALT-B 

(dec2023) On Windows 11, I managed to send to the (lotus notes) application the CTRL-BREAK using the on screen keyboard (osk) and sending CTRL+SCRLK

here is a source:

Fn+B= break
Fn+P= pause
Fn+S= sysrq
Fn+C= ScrLK
Fn+I= insert


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