Sunday, March 28, 2010

Improving the world in small steps

World improvement projects do not necessarily need to be huge.

I believe in bottom-up approaches
Evolution is a bottom-up world improvement undirected project agent.

How to make a better world

We improve the world
every time we teach
every time we learn

whenever we avoid an unnecessary waste
whenever we share a good idea

with every smile
with every good action

We improve the world

in helping each other
in showing positive attitude

in spreading culture
in promoting critical thinking
and avoiding prejudices

in not accepting a ready-made reality
or a pre-digested truth

in showing how things really are
despite the propaganda.

We improve the world
when we put aside our racisms
when we value our differences

when we consider many options
when we put in each other shoes,
when we allow choices

when we accept and consider
different point of views
at the same time

We improve the world
building things
dreaming and inventing,
and constantly looking for better ways.

Marco ( @mgua on twitter )


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