Friday, December 4, 2009

We are made of time


That is what we are made of.
In any possible way.

Time makes us grow. Makes us better, improves us. Gives flavor to our
life. Because it is always scarce and never enough, and forces us to have
a goal, to be synthetic, and limited.
We should not waste our time, given its value: we are not given that much.

Time. Time and information. Time and meaning.
Meaning comes with time.

And as our sands flows thru the hourglass, we realize that we actually
build meaning.

We are meaning constructors.
We put meaning into what we see. We cloth reality with meaning.

And we wear our meanings, and use them as flags.
Each of us decodes reality, and writes some of its secrets. We read
nature's book doing science. We crack reality, we analyze behaviors, we
discover, identify. We hack, we provoke, we stimulate, we *cause*

We dream, we fight.
We sometimes win.

And ultimately we hack our life, making a sense out of it, for the
people we walk along with, for our spouses and children, and for our

Always we are
fighting and dreaming.

Always busy
squeezing out meanings from reality.

it is a damn tough task
but well worth to be done



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